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You Can Get A Tiny Chicken Picnic Table That Lets Your Chickens Eat In Style

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You can get a Chicken Table, where your ladies can enjoy their food and veggies, and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.


Okay, who has chickens? Raise your hand!

I think pretty much EVERYBODY owns chickens right now, and that makes my heart happy.

And, all the chicken accessories that you can get right now. GAH!!!

From tiny t-rex arms, to spaceship coops, to hanging cabbage treats, and there are even stamps with which you can brand your chicken eggs — I want ALL the chicken things.


But, you HAVE to see this tiny Chicken Table that is just PERFECT for chicken snack time.


It looks just like a tiny version of a human picnic table, but it is for our sweetest of feathery friends.

Hand crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly pine. Fully assembled and then shipped so they are ready for suppertime, right out of the box.


This table is made with draining holes, which keeps the food from getting soggy.

Over the drain holes is a sheet of mesh, which prevents all the chicken nom noms from clogging up the holes.


Each table is hand stained, and there is a list of stain colors you can choose from — and there are like 30 of them!!

If you want your Chicken Table painted, you just have to ask — they don’t normally come painted, so you would have to message them.


Sizing: Height: 9-inches from the ground to the table top. Width: 17-inches from seat to opposite seat. Tabletop size is 8 1/2″ x 17 1/2 – inches. Special sizing requests are welcome and can be discussed directly with purchaser.


You can get your own Chicken Table from the American Forses shop on Etsy.


Each table runs $40, and they ship for FREE!!

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