M&M’s New Rockin’ Nut Road Candy Is Stuffed With Marshmallow Flavor

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Leave it up to Mars, Incorporated to keep us on our toes with new flavors flying in and out of store shelves.

Their newest flavor to make their mark are the M&M’s Rockin’ Nut Road candy that has a few different flavors combined in one big bag.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

Starting with the obvious, these M&M’s are brown and white candies with a hard shell on the outside and a crunch in the inside from the nut that is surrounding by milk chocolate!

Courtesy of @candyhunting

We’re assuming the white colored M&M’s are marshmallow flavored considering the top right corner of the bag has a few marshmallows hidden in between chocolate pieces and nuts.

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

So far Mars has yet to release specific information about the new flavored M&M’s, but some people have spotted the bag at Albertsons and Shaw’s which are two grocery stores.

As for now, keep your eyes peeled for the nine ounce sharing size bag and always remember, just because it says “sharing”, rules are meant to be broken!

Courtesy of @junkfoodonthego

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