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Netflix Just Released The ‘Army of the Dead’ Trailer and OMG Zombies

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Are you a zombie fan? I mean, my guess is, your probably love Zombies and Zombie shows like The Walking Dead if you’re reading this.

Don’t worry, I do too and that’s why I am really excited about this new movie!

Get ready to add another movie to Zombie movie to your watchlist…

Netflix Just Released The ‘Army of the Dead’ Trailer and OMG Zombies!!

Army of The Dead is the newest movie from Zack Snyder which you may be familiar with Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max. 

Army of the Dead is a thriller about a casino heist in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and omg it looks crazy.

First off, these aren’t your normal zombies – – they are faster, smarter, and basically their own little army of the dead that want to eat your flesh.

It’s an interesting concept and something way different than we’ve seen before.

Army of The Dead is set to arrive on Netflix on May 21st, a little over a month from now and I am so excited.

You can watch the Army of The Dead trailer below.

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