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You Can Get Tiny T-Rex Arms For Your Chickens Because, Why Not?

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You never know how much personality chickens have until you own them. Before I owned chickens, I thought they were just dumb birds that were a bit intimidating. I was so wrong!

Chickens have a ton of personality and they actually really enjoy human company. I’m not quite sure how they feel about being dressed up, but it sure is entertaining!


First, it was the tiny arms, so funny… but this is better. You can get tiny T-Rex arms for your chickens for the most hilarious entertainment ever. Hey, chickens want to cosplay too!


CraftyBargainsDesign on Facebook and Etsy is 3D Printing and selling these amazing tiny T-Rex arms for chickens. I think they are a definite must-have!


The T-Rex chicken arms are 3D printed on-demand. So once you order you can expect it to take around 1-2 weeks to make them. Then 2-6 days for shipping and delivery.


Customers that have purchased the T-Rex chicken arms absolutely love them. The reviews are great! They say they are super lightweight and the chickens don’t seem to mind them.

Bought this as a present for my chicken loving friend. Appeared exactly as described and is perfect!

Sharon – Etsy Reviewer
Jena Noyes – Etsy Customer Review

You can buy yours on Etsy! The shop is currently closed for the holidays but will reopen on January 3rd, 2021.


If you have a 3-D printer you could make these for yourself. If not you can purchase them from CraftyBargainsDesign on Etsy.

Lauren Fralin – Etsy Customer Review

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