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You Can Get Tiny Arms For Your Chickens Because, Why Not?

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I used to have a TON of chickens! Like at one time I believe we had around 60 chickens. Then we had to move and get rid of every single one of them, but I will have chickens again and this time I will get some muscle chicken arms so I can have some buff looking chickens running around!


You can not tell me that is not one of the most hilarious things you have ever come across! Imagine these on your rooster running around after his hens! The photos I could take…

Of course I knew these were made in Texas before I even checked! Of course! Everything is bigger in Texas, even our chickens arms! These are 3D printed and attached so that you simply place it over the back of your chicken or rooster and tuck it under the wings.


You can purchase your own set of muscle chicken arms on Amazon for only $15!

They also have the chicken arms available in a non-muscular look!


Or if you don’t want to buy them, you can make some regular chicken arms at home! All that you need to do is purchase some doll arms and attach them together with a thick wire, a coated wire would be best.


Once they are attached together, you put them on the same way! Just over the back and tuck behind the wings and stand back and watch! Check out this video of a Silkie Chicken wearing the arms to see just how hilarious it is!


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