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This Couple Built A Spaceship Chicken Coop That Is Out Of This World!

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Oh how I miss my chickens! They really were one of the highlights of my day, if you’ve never had chickens they are so much fun and also very entertaining.

Not too long ago I wrote about a man that had built his wife an entire old west town for her chickens. It’s so cool!

Backyard Chickens Forum

Now, we just found an amazing spaceship chicken coop! This is so cool and it’s made from something that is discarded often!

Backyard Chickens Forum

Building a spaceship chicken coop

Yep, you can totally build a spaceship chicken coop with old giant satellite dishes!

The couple bought two 10 foot satellite dishes that they had found on their local Craigslist page.


They cut window holes and used 6-inch acrylic surveillance camera covers screwed over the holes as covers. They totally add to that spaceship look!

For the flooring, they used an 8-foot circular piece of wood. They then covered that with counter-top laminate to make it easier to clean.

WYFF News 4

For insulation they used 1″Styrofoam insulation. They just had to cut each piece and bend it to the curved shape of the satellite dish. A door and hatch were added next.

Backyard Chickens Forum

Next up was creating a waterproof barrier and painting it with an Aluminum paint for the spaceship theme.

To get the spaceship chicken coop up and off of the ground, they used an 8-foot trampoline base. It was the perfect fit and they were able to purchase that from a trampoline distributor, but I am sure you could find a free one!

As you can tell from the video below, the lighting is everything!

The chickens are thrilled with their new chicken coop!

Backyard Chickens Forum

You can find the full instructions with detailed images of how they did this on the Backyard Chickens Forum.

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