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I Am Already So Over Halloween

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It’s October first. The day we are supposed to feel the snap in the air, crisp cool breezes, everything pumpkin spice, and Halloween. My favorite holiday of the year.

When my daughter was five, I drove her out to the pumpkin patch, we stood next to all the pumpkins, took a thousand pictures, and spent the entire day in coordinated outfits. I was the first to sign up as volunteer for the fall festival at school, and I was all about the homemade costumes.

I am so over halloweenMy daughter is ten now, and she started in early. “Mom can I be steampunk Harley Quinn for Halloween?”

“Um, what? What the heck do I even do with that? You want to wear a red and black joker outfit with some goggles?”

She shrugged, “Pretty much. Can we do it?”

I don’t want to make a steampunk Harley Quinn costume. I don’t want to dip nutter butters into chocolate to make little bride of Frankensteins.

Frankenstein Cookies

I want to buy a bag of candy, put on some cute cat ears, and sit out by the door watching all those moms out there with their little ones. I want to admire the homemade costumes the stay-at-home moms have put hours and hours into, look at them with a knowing wink… because I know what they put into that costume. The ten hours of work they spent getting those wings just right.


I know this is a world where we are supposed to cherish every last second we get. Where we are supposed to remember the times with our kids, and stop and live in all of them, because heaven knows that is what every single old person says to us every chance they get when we look like we are the least bit exasperated.

But this year, I don’t want to Halloween. I am over it. Totally over it. Let’s just go straight to Christmas, k?

(Can I just say for the record that I totally made that tutu? She loved that thing. Maybe I need to make a Harley Quinn steampunk outfit…)


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  1. I don’t know about this post as I love Halloween, and I think what stinks is when Christmas decor is all over and we haven’t had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet. Thanksgiving is overlooked by most stores and most people except for sharing that one meal with their friends and family. The connection I made here is how I feel about Christmas and the overwhelming feeling I have for that holiday is the same for yours for Halloween. One important thought is don’t be sad about your past memory makings as you can’t replace those. The one with your coordinating halloween pumpkin patch outfits, you just can’t get that age back so be happy with what you have. Thank you for your writing.