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Today Is $0.90 Day at Dollar Tree

Ahhhh this is AWESOME! I am so excited!!

So, today is discount day at Dollar Tree. Yes, you get to save even more at the dollar store!

Dollar Tree is known for having super good deals. I mean at a $1 can you really go wrong?

Well, today, Sunday, July 25th happens to be Associate Appreciation Day and that means that everyone gets 10% off any $10 purchase making that $1 item, just $0.90!!

Dollar Tree was giving out these coupons earlier this week. And according to the fine print on the coupon, you do need a coupon in order to get a discount.

However, if you are super nice and ask, the associate may just give you the discount or have extra coupons lying around. It never hurts to ask.

This would be a great time to stock up on school supplies or other great Dollar Tree finds such as Fall or Halloween items (many stores have these seasonal items already stocked).

This is especially awesome since you can you’ll be able to grab 10 items and pay just $9 with this coupon – that makes each item only 90¢!