10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too

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Water is essential for life and I know it, and you know it too. So why don’t we all ensure we are getting our daily intake of water? It could be that it’s tasteless, colorless, or just that it doesn’t satisfy our craving. Whatever it is, water important to our health. So today I am helping you with your water intake by partnering with Nestlé® Pure Life® to share 10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too.

10 ways to drink your water and eat it too

10 Ways to Drink Your Water and Eat it Too

  1. Infuse it! One of our readers submitted the suggestion of infusing fruit into the water and I think it’s great. Infusing water can add so many benefits to your water and make it taste even better. If it tastes great you will want to drink more of it right? There are even special water pitchers that allow you to place fruit inside it for infusing. Makes it an easy way to keep seeds out of your water.
  2. Prepare for a week of water drinking. You plan ahead for your kids lunch, the soccer games, and more. So why not plan ahead for the amount of water you and your family will drink for a week? Prep ahead a week’s worth of bottled water, like Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water, for lunches or on-the-go-events at one time. Store in the freezer and remove when needed to stock lunches, backpacks or gym bags. The water will then be ready to drink when you are!
  3. Have drinking equipment ready. Sometimes taking a bottle of water isn’t the best solution especially with young kids. That is why having drink equipment clean and ready to go is a great idea. Have cups, straws, lids, etc. available to provide to your kids (and even yourself) to make drinking water more fun and more portable.
  4. Devour this season’s watermelon. Watermelon season is almost over so head to your local grocery store and snag a big one for the family to eat. Doing so, will also help you take in water. In fact, watermelon is known to be made up of 92% of water!
  5. Make it fun. Anything that is fun is worth doing right? You can make drinking water fun for the entire family. Sing a song, decorate cups, or even give a victory dance after drinking. Do something fun to show your love for water and the reward will make you and your family want more.
  6. Pump it up. By pump it, I mean pump the iron or in better terms, EXERCISE! The fastest way to make you want that water is to need it because you are thirsty and hot. Exercise is such a great way to stay healthy and get you to drink your water.
  7. Stick a straw in those strawberries. Okay you don’t really have to do that but you should eat strawberries. Much like watermelon, strawberries are made up mostly of water, 92% of water to be exact. So enjoy them, they are sweet and bring you that watery goodness.
  8. Set an intake goal. We all have goals and some are harder than others. By setting a daily or even weekly water intake goal, we are holding ourselves accountable for the amount of water we drink. You can do this as a family by creating a chart or a graph (or log it online) to help them meet your goals with frequent reminders throughout the day. If goals are met, reward yourself (or your kids) with a water-centric item such as a personalized water bottle or a novelty straw.
  9. Eat your greens. Not everyone like vegetables but for those that do, you are doing yourself a huge favor and increasing your water intake. Vegetables such as tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, and zucchini are made up of mostly water. Eating these raw is best since you won’t be cooking out the water.
  10. Choose quality water. Not all water tastes the same. Don’t believe me? Go on a water tasting test. Some waters are more filtered than others. Some also contain added minerals and nutrients to enhance taste. Choose a quality water that you know you and your family enjoy. If you like the taste, you will be more likely to purchase that water and drink it. Nestlé® Pure Life® is a great choice for many reasons which I will explain in more detail below.

10 ways to drink your water and eat it too featured

Hydrate The Nestlé® Pure Life® Way

Nestlé Waters North America Inc. began in 1976 as a company that imported the famous French sparkling water, Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water. The company developed at a time when Americans were looking to get in shape, eat better and generally adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The company’s bottled water products quickly became the choice for anyone seeking a refreshing beverage that was free of calories, caffeine and additives.

If you haven’t tried Nestlé® Pure Life®, let me be the first to tell you that their water tastes great. It’s a favorite in our home. My boys actually love the mini bottles since they are perfect for small hands. Plus anything small size is fun to kids right? You can pick up Nestlé® Pure Life® water at a retailer near you!

Thank you to Nestle® Pure Life® for sponsoring this blog post. All opinions are my own.

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