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This Girl Figured Out How To Make Tropical Slushies At Starbucks

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It is SO stinking hot outside! Who broke the thermostat!? I know, it’s usually like this in the summer, but this is my least favorite season and now I remember why. I have been looking for ANYTHING to cool me down!

So I took to my safe haven, Starbucks, and did my best to come up with some super refreshing drinks to help cool down a person on these crazy hot days! I came up with some pretty cool ones, like the Tiki Punch Drink and the Summer Dream Drink, but they still weren’t exactly what I was looking for.


Then I realized, there really is nothing more refreshing on a hot day than an Icee or Slushee! So I knew what I had to do. I had to set out on a mission to create slushees at Starbucks!


Good news, I did it! We have two AMAZING drink recipes for you to try! If coffee and piles or caramel aren’t for you and you want something light, fruity, cold, and refreshing look no further than here!


First off, we have the Secret Menu Frosted Lemonade! Lemonade swirled with lemonade and light sweetener bring together this magnificent drink! We have the recipe set up and ready to go for you to order here!

But maybe for you, that’s a little too plain (I promise you it doesn’t taste plain though!) If that’s the case, we have a second option for you!


This is the Secret Menu Frosted Pink Lemonade! If you want a prettier color and a more fruity taste, this is the one for you! We added some passion tea and raspberry syrup to the mix to give it a nice fruity touch!

These are perfect for the summer lineup of Starbucks Secret Menu Drinks to try! The cool, refreshing taste of these are just right for the crazy hot weather we have going on right now!

Have you given either of these drinks a try yet? If so, what did you think? Comment below and let us know! What other refreshing flavors do you want us to cover?


And if you’re like me, and SO ready for this summer season to be over, check out some of the AMAZING drinks we have lined up for the Halloween season, like the Zombie Brains Drink! You will not be disappointed!


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