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Here’s A List Of Items You Can Get Added To Your Starbucks Drinks For Free

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Starbucks is absolutely amazing. They are constantly coming out with new and exciting drinks, flavors, and ingredients. The only problem? Every additional item that you add to your drink can crank up that cost super fast. But don’t worry, we are here to help!

Did you know that there are certain items that you can add to your drink at no additional cost whatsoever? Some are pretty well-known, but some may come as a surprise to you… So stick with me here. 


Brown Sugar

This may be one the least known free options. The brown sugar normally comes in the Classic Oatmeal. It is not often added to drinks, but my local store is known for doing Brown Sugar Lattes, where the brown sugar packets are used as the sweetener and flavor of the drink. And they are absolutely divine. There is no proper way to ring up brown sugar on the register, so they usually add it as a free customization item!



Starbucks has butter available, usually for those who order bagels and prefer it over cream cheese. However, customers lately have been ordering butter in their lattes and coffees because it helps curb appetite and dull the bitterness of the coffee. It’s also been very popular in the keto community! 


Most customers are pretty aware that we have honey available for tea. It is commonly used in the Honey Citrus Mint Tea (or Medicine Ball), which is amazing for those who have a sore throat. However, in the past, Starbucks has had a honey flavored latte using a honey blend syrup. The syrup costs extra money, but if you ask for packets of honey in your latte instead, it can substitute as a flavor and it is at no additional cost.


Agave is the more natural state of honey. Starbucks has agave available for those who order their Blueberry Oatmeal. However, just like with honey packets, you can ask for agave packets to be added to your drink at no additional cost. This is a healthy and free option to add to your drink for flavor. 



To be clear, the Vanilla Bean powder and the Matcha powder both cost money to be added to your drink. However, there are some topping powders that are always available at Starbucks at no additional cost that you can have blended or steamed into your drink for no cost. These flavors normally include cinnamon powder, cinnamon dolce powder, chocolate powder, vanilla powder, and nutmeg powder. 


Whipped Cream

A lot of Starbucks drinks already come with whip cream. However if you normally order the Frappuccinos and would like a creamier, thicker option, ask for them to blend whip cream in with your drink. The outcome is fantastic. You can also ask for a cup of whip cream on the side for your kiddos or dogs to have a treat too!


We hope that these fun little hacks help you out on your next trip to Starbucks. What are some other Starbucks hacks that you are interested in us covering? Comment below!


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