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Move Over Amazon Prime, Walmart+ Is Coming Complete With Same-Day Delivery and Gas Discounts

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Move over Amazon Prime! Walmart+ is coming up hot on your heels.

Walmart is reportedly working on its own service that is similar to Amazon Prime, and I’m truly interested to see how it works! It is called Walmart+, and here is what we know.

According to Vox.com, Walmart had planned to launch the service in March or April, but like everything else in the world right now, the launch was pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The retailer plans to unveil Walmart+ in July, a $98 per year service that includes same-day delivery, fuel discounts and other perks.


In California, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, Walmart has already started testing their one-day delivery. There are going to be SO many options included in this quick delivery, over 220,000 of them!

Customers must spend at least $35 to receive next-day shipping” on qualifying items. I don’t know about YOU, but I could send $35 at Walmart, before I’ve even blinked!

This may be the BEST part. Vox.com is saying that Walmart’s new service will include same day delivery and spots in grocery pickup that are reserved for same-day service.

For me, the whole thing is worth it just for the grocery pickup spots! I get all my groceries from Walmart pickup, and sometimes I have to wait three days. This will be NICE!

Walmart might face some difficulties, because everyone on earth already has an Amazon Prime membership. People have gotten used to buying from Amazon, and it’s what they know. As a general rule, people don’t like change.

But, if the prices are right, and the perks are awesome, I might get BOTH memberships! It will be worth the chunk of change I’ll have to drop upfront.

While Walmart is busy planning this super change, they are also going to test having a cashierless checkout system — having only self-checkout lanes. If it goes over well, you may also see it at your local Walmart soon.

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