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Amazon Prime Day Is Being Delayed This Year. Here’s What We Know.

Amazon usually hosts Prime Day in July, but it is looking like we may have to wait until September this year.

It was reported last month that it would at least be August before Prime Day would happen. But new reports say it will most likely take place in September.

An Amazon spokeswoman has declined to answer questions that have been asked or to confirm the information that was put out there in cyberland.

The reason for the date change is of course due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Amazon is struggling to keep up with orders as it is. There have also been new shipping restrictions and safety protocols that had to be instituted.

They are just now starting to get back on track with faster shipping times. I’ve noticed that our packages have been coming much quicker lately and that makes me a happy girl!

Prime Day takes a lot of prep! Needless to say it was shelved for a bit and planning can take months. So it makes sense that it is being pushed out until later in the year.

Prime Day is a huge sale day and many do a lot of their holiday shopping when those deals are active. It’s the perfect time to stock up on gifts for Christmas. Even if it doesn’t happen until September, that is plenty of time to get things in time for Christmas.

Amazon was able to remove quantity restrictions on non-essential items being shipped to warehouses. This is important to Prime Day since people usually buy non-essential items. Most people are looking at toys, gadgets, household items, and more!

Do you normally shop Prime Day? What do you have on your list this year? Will this year’s use of Prime day be different for you? Will you be using it to get Christmas gifts taken care of?