This Texas Lady Has A Whataburger Chicken Coop And She Is Living Her Best Life

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If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know all about the obsession that is Whataburger.

Even if you don’t eat meat *ME*, you can find something to eat at Whataburger— I’m looking at you, Potato, Egg, and Cheese Taquito.

Courtesy of Whataburger

I mean, next to barbecue, it is just about the State Food of Texas. True story.


So, when Trisha Ruiz’s husband wanted to move out to the country, I can imagine the fight they had. She loved her Whataburger, and didn’t want to be where she couldn’t get to one.


What was her husband’s solution? He built her a What-a-Chick’n coop for their backyard. Ha!

(She also wanted to have her own chickens in the country, so that is what she got!)

Now, that is love!

They also have little Whataburger outfits for the chickens — and they are about the cutest thing ever.

Trisha is happy, now that she has her Whataburger and her chickens.

She’s even named a lot of the chickens foodie names: Meatloaf, Greasy Grizz, Mashed Potatoes, Blue Bell, and Tater Tot. LOL! I love it.

She calls herself the Crazy Funky Chicken Lady, but I think she need to rethink that name to include the Whataburger Crazy Funky Chicken Lady!

Courtesy of Whataburger on YouTube

Seriously, this is awesome!

Courtesy of Whataburger

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