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Disney Is Selling A Haunted Mansion Mug Complete With A Shovel Spoon For That Person Who Hates Mournings

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It is true. I have a slight addiction to coffee mugs — the more unique that mug the better.

I am totally in LOVE with this mug that we found right on the Shop Disney website. It just happens to be inspired by The Haunted Mansion — one of my FAVORITE rides at Disney, and I must own it!


Even if you’re “Not a Mourning Person,” you will totally love to dig right into your hot beverage with the included spade-shaped shovel spoon, the perfect detail to add to a Haunted Mansion mug.

Courtesy of Shop Disney

The front of this mug features the graveyard keeper and his dog — you MIGHT just recognize them from the ride! An eternity in the creeptastic Haunted Mansion ride has made them just slightly jumpy and scared.

Courtesy of Shop Disney

The bottom of the mug reads “Urn Your Rest at the Haunted Mansion,” which is just the PERFECT witty addition to the mug. Ha!


And, can we talk about the color for a second? Gah! This GORGEOUS glossy teal colored mug is lined with a contrasting dark purple color that is very reminiscent of the color scheme on the Haunted Mansion, itself. I absolutely love it!! I want to do my entire kitchen in this color palette!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

We haven’t even talked about the BACK of the mug yet. Leave it to Disney to bring in the detail! The back features 3 spooky headstones in a plot of grass. Do they remind you of the gravestones outside the Haunted Mansion ride? YES!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

You can get your OWN Haunted Mansion inspired mug on the Shop Disney Website. The mug and spoon combo will set you back 20 bucks. Here’s all my money, just take it now!!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

If you are looking for even MORE unique mugs from Disney, check out these Poison Apple Color Changing Mugs!

Courtesy of Shop Disney

You can also take a look at this Jack Skellington Pumpkin Head Mug. GAH!! I love it!

Courtesy of Amazon

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