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There Are Candy Ice Cream Toppers & The Kid in Me Wants Them All

My mind was blown when I saw these new Dessert Toppers at Walmart.

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These are the candies my kids beg for, but in Dessert Toppers form. They can have their ice cream or cake AND candy, too.

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They take your ice cream from YUM, to OH-MY-GOSH-THIS-IS-THE-BEST-ICE-CREAM-EVER status with the shake of a bag.

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I mean, crunchy candy goodness on top of your favorite ice cream, cake, cookie, or even cheesecake flavor! You could even mix and match them.

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I think I just heard the cheers of happy kids and college students alike.

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This is seriously a game changer for our dessert fun! I see some iced cookies with sprinkles of happy Candy Dessert Toppers in our very near future.

At less than $2.50 a bag, these tasty treats will definitely be on hand for our next foray into ice cream adventures.

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The Rainbow Nerds Toppers are exactly what you would expect from Nerds candy. There is a sweet and tart crunch that adds depth to any ice cream flavor. I, however, would stick with vanilla to get the unmasked full flavor of this candy.

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You could always add these to any cake, cookie, cheesecake, dessert bar, or eat them plain.

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The Buncha Crunch Dessert Toppers are like mini bits heaven on top of your favorite ice cream or other yummy dessert flavor.

If you like milk chocolate candy with a little crunchy texture, this is the bag for you! I may be weird, but I would totally eat this on strawberry ice cream! It would be just like a chocolate covered strawberry, with a bit of fun crunch.

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I’ve saved my absolute favorite for last. The peanut buttery flavor of the Butterfinger.

I might need a minute just to think about how delicious this would be.

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I would try this on vanilla or chocolate ice cream. I would even try this on a birthday cake. Or, maybe on sweet cream frozen yogurt. I might throw a handful in my mouth for good measure.

I mean, come on! Who doesn’t love dessert, especially ice cream?!? It doesn’t even matter what season, ice cream is always a winner! I could be bundled up in my winter finest, but offer me a cone of sweet frozen perfection, and I’m eating it like it’s 95° outside.

Add these amazing Dessert Toppers, and I’m in heaven.

You’ll probably find me at Walmart tonight, where I’ll be buying all 3 bags of Dessert Toppers perfection. Make sure you say hello, and we can high-five as we pick our ice cream flavors. Just don’t judge when I have a full basket of ice cream and Dessert Toppers.