Starbucks Released A New Halloween Cup and Now I Need to Find It

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What screams Halloween to you? For me, it’s snakes, spiders, skulls and fall leaves and that is exactly what this new cup has!

Starbucks Released A New Halloween Cup and Now I Need to Find It!

The new Halloween tumbler from Starbucks has all the best creepy Halloween vibes
Credit: Reader Zach Lewon

Ahhhh I am frantically searching for this cup because it is that good!

The cup has a sheer dark reddish tint to it with white silhouettes of skulls, spider webs, snakes, pumpkins, crows, moths and fall leaves because what else would it have? It’s perfect!

Starbucks new Halloween cups are an aesthetic we strive to achieve
Reader: Erin Chelsea McIntyre

This cup is different from the 5-pack of reusable cups that we mentioned earlier this month.


It is a single grande size cup with a lid and reusable straw.


People are finding them inside Target Starbucks locations.


Happy hunting for this beautiful cup!

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