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A Harry Potter Hedwig LEGO Set Exists And You Can Just Accio It Right Into My Hands

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You absolutely NEED to get this LEGO set. It’s everything you need to create Hedwig the owl from Harry Potter, and it is stunning!


My kids aren’t even into LEGOs, they never have been. But, I guarantee you they will want THIS Lego set.


There are 630 LEGO pieces included in this set, and you just have to see the finished Hedwig that you will make with these 630 pieces!

Once he is finished, Hedwig can even flap his wings, like a bird in flight. GAH!!

There is a little crank that makes the wings of Hedwig fly up and down and it looks super cool. it took my 10 year old about an hour to put him together and it gets such frequent use as he reads the books and watches the movies from this franchise. This is a MUST for any Harry Potter and LEGO fans! It also wasn’t as expensive as other sets of this kind.


This LEGO set is so beyond awesome!!

Hedwig is my family’s favorite character — well, one of our favorite characters — in the Harry Potter books.

We even have a Hedwig bean bag chair sitting in our front room, and it is the softest, most beautiful chair you’ve ever seen.

Pottery Barn

I’m telling you, Harry’s famous owl holds a special place in our hearts, so my kids are going to FLIP when they see that they can create Hedwig using LEGOs.

I’m thinking this would absolutely be fantastic as a joint Christmas present!! Or, so there’s no fighting in the ranks, I may just bite the bullet and buy them each their own LEGO Hedwig. LOL!


This was a perfect gift for my son who is a die hard HP fan. He put it together in less than an hour. Has moving parts but really should be displayed rather than played with.


This Hedwig LEGO set runs about $55, and that is such a great price for what you get!!

You can get your own Harry Potter Hedwig the Owl LEGO Set from the Amazon website.


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