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This Egg Sandwich Is Going Viral On TikTok and I See Why

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Y’all! This is the COOLEST way I have ever seen to make a fried egg sandwich. No WONDER it is going viral on TikTok!

So, you start by buttering a pan (cast iron is the best to use).

Then, you beat up your eggs, and drop them in the screaming hot pan.

Next, you dip two slices of bread CAREFULLY (don’t freaking burn yourself) into the egg, and then lay them in the center of the pan.

Then, you carefully flip the eggs and bread over — try to keep it all together.

Now, let the bread get toasty for just a minute. Don’t let it burn!

Then, you just fold the egg up onto the bread.

Flip one slice of bread on the other slice of bread, and — VOILA!!

Best fried egg sandwich you will ever make!

You are a genius @mrs_dee_penda on TikTok!


Saw this one online, I gave it a try, It’s not my best but it came out good! ?#tiktokfood #viralfood #foodhacks

♬ original sound – mrs_dee_penda

Now, while you are making your KILLER fried egg sandwich, talk to your kids about NOT doing the Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok. Seriously, I’m worried about our children.


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