You Can Make Lollipop Pumpkins To Hand Out Candy To Kids On Halloween This Year

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Tomorrow is officially the first day of October which means it’s time to go full speed in Halloween mode. I’m talking, full sport mode ladies and gentleman.

It’s time to dust off the witches, ghouls and ghosts and to start thinking about buying family size candy bags because the kiddies should get their candy this year.

Halloween candy in a plastic witches cauldron.

Whether or not you decide to hand out candy on Halloween night this year, here’s another great way to pass out the sweets while still practicing safe social distancing.

The first step is to visit a pumpkin patch because you’ll need to buy yourself a pumpkin and then quickly after, you’ll have to hit the Dollar Store for a few bags of lollipops!

Carve it like you would for your preferred jack-o-lantern design and make sure to spoon out the seeds inside the pumpkin before you start carving out the eyes and mouth.

Oh, and save the seeds for later. They make a great midnight snack when you clean them off and bake them at 300 degrees in the oven!

The inside of a pumpkin and it’s guts.

After you’re done with all of the handy work, at the top of the pumpkin, you’ll want to poke small holes with a carving knife all around the top surface of your now jack-o-lantern.

Courtesy of Woman’s Day

These holes will hold your lollipops steady. Plus, the lollipops make your your jack-o-lantern look like it has crazy hair!

Set your jack-o-lantern or jack-o-lanterns, depending on how many you plan on carving for the neighborhood, on your front doorstep so kids can pick and choose which lollipop(s) they want!


Happy trick-or-treating and show us your designs in the comment section below!

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