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Sam’s Club Has A Fireball Party Bucket Complete With Tiny Fireball Shooters And I’ll Cheers To That

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I’m going to need a minute. I need to know exactly who to thank at the Fireball company for this invention of epic proportions.

If you go to Sam’s Club right now, you can get a tub — a whole TUB — full of Fireball shooters, and I wonder if they have a limit to the amount you can buy at one time. Ha!


This Party Bucket of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky contains TWENTY little 50ml bottles of Fireball Whisky, and I’m pretty sure this is what heaven is like!

Did I mention that one of my FAVORITE adult beverages is Fireball! (Take a bottle of hard apple cider, take a sip off the top, add Fireball Whisky. You’re welcome!!)


This Bucket o’ Fireball is totally party ready. You just have to crack the lid open, fill up the bucket with ice, and you are ready to host the best party on the block!!

If you fill it, they will come!! LOL!


This bucket is only $14!! Yes, I said FOURTEEN BUCKS. That is cheaper than if you were to go to your local liquor store, and buy an entire 750ml bottle of Fireball!


Now, I guess you could use these little bottles of Fireball for cooking, drink mixology, or Jello-shots — but I find the best way to enjoy Fireball is to just tip it back and SHOOT it!! Drink Responsibly.

If this bucket looks familiar, this is NOT the first time Fireball has released a Party Bucket. They had it last year, just in time for the holidays. But, THIS year, it appears to have come out even earlier, and I’m so happy it did!!

It’s like an adult version of Trick Or Treating, AMIRITE?!?

So, get yourself to Sam’s Club, because you KNOW this deal isn’t going to last long — especially if I get there before you do. *Winky Face Emoji*


If you are a fan of the Fireball (you just might be my new BFF), you have GOT to try this Fireball Eggnog. I don’t even like regular Eggnog, but this non-alcoholic stuff is going to be AH-Mazing!!


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