Mountain Dew Freeze Is Coming To Movie Theaters and I’m Booking My Date Night Now

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Great things, of the Mountain Dew variety, are happening at your local Regal Cinemas, and it’s about to get a whole lot cooler up in here!

Courtesy of Tamiami41 on Instagram and Mountain Dew

Select Regal Movie Theaters, across to country, are bringing a MOUNTAIN DEW FREEZE to their concession stands, and I’m getting in line NOW!

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

I am usually an AMC Theaters loyalist, but this news of a Mountain Dew Freeze is a total game changer. I’m going to need this during my next movie watching festivities.

This frozen version tastes like the original, but it’s better. Give my just about ANYTHING in a frozen slushy form, and it’s automatically a win. AMIRITE? — HELLO! Margaritas?!?

This Mountain Dew Freeze is set to hit Regal Movie Theaters this spring, and now I have even more to look forward to than the warmer weather!

Courtesy of Mountain Dew

Not only are we getting this fantastical Mountain Dew Freeze this spring. Regal Cinemas is also going to be pouring regular Mountain Dew, straight from their drink machines. Woohoo!

This is going to leave more room in my purse to sneak in candy. Shhhh!

No word, yet, on whether Regal will include Mountain Dew Zero in the lineup, but we are definitely crossing our fingers and toes!

Courtesy of PepsiCo.

Maybe this will pave the way for more Mountain Dew flavors available at the theater soon!

I wouldn’t mind seeing a Mountain Dew Maui Burst flavor or a Mountain Dew Frostbite flavor pouring from those soda fountains! Do they take suggestions? They totally should!

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