Pop-Tarts Now Has A Fruit Loops Flavor And I Need Them

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Pop-Tarts, you are on FIRE with you huge selection of newly released flavors! You have recently brought us the Chocolate Frosted Fudge Bites, Mermaid Pop-Tarts, and even Pretzel Pop-Tarts!

Now, Pop-Tarts has done it again — possibly outdoing themselves — by bringing us these Fruit Loops Pop-Tarts!

They taste JUST LIKE you would expect a Fruit Loops Pop-Tart to taste — but even better!


Inside, you have the gooey goodness of the Fruit Loops flavor. On the outside, you have the flaky crust of the Pop-Tarts pastry.


Each pastry comes with white icing, and then a different picture referencing the Fruit Loops cereal that we love!


It is always a MYSTERY which picture you will get on you Fruit Loops Pop-Tart, but pictures include Toucan Sam, fun glasses with Fruit Loops embellishments, a slew of Fruit Loops, and an “I’m with Sam” saying printed right on the Pop-Tart pastry.


These have been found at MULTIPLE grocery stores, just pick your favorite store, and go find them!

Unfortunately for taste buds everywhere, these are limited edition. You know what that means — head out to your grocery store and grab a box or four today!


You might find these on the Pop-Tarts aisle, or some people have even found them right next to the Fruit Loops cereal on the cereal aisle. It makes sense!


Do you eat your Pop-Tarts hot or cold? I know SOME people who even butter their Pop-Tarts. Are you one of those people?


If you want, you can get these right from Amazon. That means waiting a day or two for shipping, though. I don’t think I can wait that long for these Fruit Loops Pop-Tarts!

Courtesy of Amazon

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