Mermaid Pop-Tarts Are Here And The Flavor Is Mer-Mazing

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It really is all about the mermaid right now — and I’m okay with that!

To go along with all things mermaid, Pop-Tarts has released a Blue Raspberry Mer-Mazing Toaster Pastry, that you simply must sea.

The pastry has a blue raspberry filling, and is topped with white icing. Stamped into the icing is one of TEN under-the-sea designs, and they are all adorably fantastic!

They are labeled as Mix and Match, because you may get one of FIVE heads or one of FIVE tails. You can put them together to make mermaids, King Triton, a norwal, a scuba diver, or a seahorse.

OR, you can go rogue, and mix up the heads and tails to make your own sea creature!

Each box of these Pop-Tart Pastries will cost you less than four bucks. That’s four bucks well spent, when your kids are squealing with glee over mermaid Pop-Tarts!

Of course, just like all good things, these must come to an end. They are limited edition, so get them while you can. They have been spotted on the shelves at Walmart, but you can check your local grocery stores.

Make sure you get them before they swim away forever!

You can also check out these new Pretzel Pop-Tarts. They are sweet and salty, for that perfect anytime combo!

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