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Starbucks is Releasing A Stanley Tumbler in The US. Here’s Everything We Know.

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Y’all a little birdie told me something BIG is coming to Starbucks.

By big, I mean, a Starbucks Stanley Tumbler is releasing in the US!!

By now, you’ve likely seen our viral Starbucks Stanley post floating around the web.

Ya know, the one with these gorgeous teal Starbucks Stanley tumblers? Well, sadly, those are Thailand exclusives.

However, it now looks like the US is getting their own exclusive Starbucks Stanley tumblers!!

In a recent TikTok a Starbucks employee CONFIRMED the rumors to be true. Here’s what she said…

“While at work, I just got confirmation that there will be Starbucks Stanley cups and this is what they are going to look like”

She then proceeds to share a screenshot of an image going around of the cup that someone has already found in a Starbucks US location.


It looks to be a light baby pink color but it also could be a light peach color depending on the lighting.

Either way, it’s gorgeous and you know you need it!


The Cost:

The barista also says the cups will be $44.95 and will be the Stanley 40 oz tumbler design with the handle.

The Release Date:

Oh and as for the release date? Mark your calendar for May 9, 2023.

However, with people already finding these in-store, it’s worth keeping your eye out because these will SELL OUT.

Oh and they will be a TARGET EXCLUSIVE ONLY.

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