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You Can Get A Handmade Crystal-Covered Stanley Tumbler And It’s So Luxurious

If you are a fan of Stanley tumblers, and you love the bling, you are about to lose your mind.

You can get a handmade, blinged out Stanley tumbler. It’s totally the thing luxurious dreams are made of.


This one-of-a-kind Stanley tumbler is made with hand laid 100% Genuine Swarovski & KiraKira crystals. And OMG, it’s gorgeous!

The tumbler, itself, is stainless steel. It’s an actual Stanley tumbler. So, you know the quality is amazing.

Now, if you haven’t yet jumped on the Stanley tumbler bandwagon, you should know that these cups basically have a cult-like following.

What Is A Stanley Cup?

Stanley cups are known for keeping your drinks cold all day, fitting perfectly into your car’s cup holder, and being absolutely beautiful in their simplicity.

This crystal 30 ounce crystal-covered Stanley tumbler is no different. It will still do the job of a Stanley tumbler, but you will be treating yourself to a bit of luxury at the same time.


This item is made with perfect intentions by imperfect hands. While I make every effort to give you a flawless product, please remember that slight imperfections must be expected when purchasing a handmade item.


You can choose to have it made in 5 different colors: Black, Light Pink, Light Blue, Aqua, Cream, or Jade.

And, of course, each one is stunning.


As for care, it is important to note that, although Stanley tumblers are dishwasher safe, once the crystals are put on, it is a hand-wash item only.

You also want to make sure that you don’t soak it in water, and you definitely don’t want to use an abrasive scrubber on the crystals, themselves.


Item is final sale only, no returns on Made to Order items. No cancellations once order has been placed.


Now, this blinged out crystal-covered Stanley tumbler is a bit pricey, but remember, each and every crystal is put down by hand.


You can get your own crystal Stanley tumbler for $425 — and, all I can say is — you need a little luxury in your life. Treat yourself.

To get one of these Crystal Stanley Tumblers, head on over to the CindyLouDesignsCo shop on Etsy.