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Target Is Selling A 7-Foot Haunted Animatronic Jack O’ Lantern Scarecrow That Is Wicked Scary

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I’m calling it. It’s time to bust out your yearly Halloween decorations, and get to turning your yard into a macabre haunted house!!


Here’s something spooky that will fit in fan-freaking-tastic with all your Halloween ghostly decor.

This is a gigantic Root of Evil Animated Halloween Decorative Holiday Mannequin, and I love him!!


Why is this scary Jack O’ Lantern scarecrow called the ROOT of Evil? His skeleton body appears to be made out of twisting and turning gnarly roots.

It also looks like he climbed straight out of the swamp and brought part of the flora and fauna with him.


Gah! Super creepy!

This prop is incredible! I showed it to several guests and the “wow factor” was off the charts. — I can’t wait to display him for Halloween

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Now, this dude isn’t small. Oh Nay-Nay!! He is no itty bitty table decoration!


This skeleton Jack O’ Lantern scarecrow clocks in at 7 feet tall, big enough to totally creep out all those trick-or-treaters that dare cross your yard.

This terrifying scarecrow character stands at an imposing 7′ tall at the top of his gnarled stem and features a rotting light-up Jack O’ Lantern head, sculpted chest, an easy-to-assemble metal frame, and is dressed in avine-printed fabric costume with gauze accents, and has two creepy elongated vine-like hands to complete the look.


Mr. Root of Evil is an ANIMATED Halloween character, which means he moves, glows, and talks.

You can activate him in three ways (after you plug him in): just turn him on to glow all the time, turn on his infra-red sensor that is motion activated, or use what they call a Step-Here Pad to activate him only when you want to.


Once activated, the Root Of Evil’s head will glow with a sickly green glow from within as he turns his head and twists at the waist while saying one of five sayings. 


This towering animated Jack O’ Lantern scarecrow only costs $299, and he can be used year after year to create the perfect ghoulish atmosphere in your yard.


You can get your own Root of Evil Animated Halloween Decorative Scarecrow Mannequin on the Target website.


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