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Get Clean with Rosemary Soap

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Soap is one of those common household items that I never think about until I’m washing my hands and discover that I’ve only got the “water” part of “soap and water.” This happens to me way too often – someone should probably come and revoke my adult card. And I’m not saying that making my own soap is magically going to solve this forgetfulness problem, but it’s way more fun to Get Clean with Rosemary Soap that I’ve made myself than taking the walk of shame through the store when I run out of the liquid stuff yet again.

Rosemary Soap

What You’ll Need to Make Rosemary Soap:

Homemade Rosemary Soap

How to Make Rosemary Soap:

If you’re at all worried about making your own soap, just remember: people have literally been making this stuff for hundreds of years. There’s probably no way that you can mess it up so badly that somebody in history hasn’t messed it up worse. I really need to work on my motivational speeches. Just follow these directions, okay?

Rosemary Soap 1

Melt the soap as directed on the package – you want it to be about the same consistency as heavy cream. Using your trusty blender, mix up the chia seeds, fresh rosemary, and oatmeal until you’ve got a powder that looks like it might be something vaguely illegal.

Rosemary Soap 2

Add that mixture to the melted soap, then stir in the essential oils. Pour the mixture into a mold of your choice and let it set for about 45 minutes until firm.

Rosemary Soap 3

Then take it out, cut it up into vaguely soap-like shapes, and then go get yourself clean with your awesome homemade soap!

Rosemary Soap Recipe


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