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We’re Still Having Thanksgiving At My House, Here’s Why

We’re still having Thanksgiving. I’m not sure why everyone says “Thanksgiving is canceled”.

Maybe it’s because I don’t ever go to big family functions, we don’t really do those. We have small things at our home and only my mom comes, yes I see my mom and I see her all of the time.

But why are people canceling Thanksgiving? I understand that traveling and large gatherings are a no go for most of you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have Thanksgiving.

If you are worried about having too much food, just scale it back. Or actually don’t scale it back and have leftovers to last your family for weeks!

I’m trying to understand when holidays were changed to be some huge affair that needed travel and a group of people.

You don’t need that at all and there is no way that I would miss out on my favorite holiday foods and traditions!

Thanksgiving is also when we celebrate my birthday, which means I get my favorite… Strawberry Shortcake is my yearly birthday dessert!

Sorry, I am not letting the doom and the gloom of the outside world destroy traditions in our home. I’m going to put on my Thanksgiving pants and get down on some terrific food with my family!

Traditions are important

So, yea… we will be here at my house, eating our turkey, stuffing, and candied yams, and we will be thankful that we can still do that. We will continue having our traditions in our home because it is really important to us.

If you are having Thanksgiving, maybe share a plate with one of your elderly neighbors or friends that are alone… they may be missing out on family visits this year. The holidays can be a super lonely time, feelings seem to be amplified. Check on your people.