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These 3D Holiday Masks Are The Perfect Way To Show Off Your Christmas Spirit

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Christmas is knocking at the door, and it’s time to get in that Holiday spirit!

I know it might be hard to get that Christmas cheer this year, but maybe this will help. You can get 3D Christmas face masks, and they are just about the cutest thing ever!


With more and more places going back into lockdown, Christmas may seem just a little dreary this year. You may as well make it fun, and wear your mask with a little extra flare.


You have to check out these 3D face masks. They come 5 to a pack, and the styles are so stinkin’ cute.


You heard me say “3D,” right? They actually have sewn on pieces that stand out on the mask, and give them a little extra Holiday happiness.


The Santasday mask comes with a sewn on mustache and beard, that will make you look like the big guy, himself. Lift up his beard to reveal a silly Santa mouth design!


There is the Gingerday little character design, that comes holding a 3D candy cane.


The Frostday mask makes you look like a snowman, with a 3D carrot nose. I’m totally going to pretend I’m Olaf (if you don’t know who that is, I don’t know if we can be friends).

Courtesy of Holiday Mask Pack

Elvesday has 2 little pointy ears that poke out from the sides of the mask. *Squee* It’s so precious!


Deerday has the cutest red fuzzy 3D nose, that, quite frankly, is my favorite design of ALL the masks in the pack!!


You can totally be all matchy matchy with the whole family, because these masks come in two sizes: a kids pack, and a teen / adult pack.

Courtesy of Holiday Mask Pack

Now, because of the 3D nature of these masks, they are hand-wash ONLY. But, that’s not a big deal. Just throw them all in the soapy sink together, and then hang them to dry.

Courtesy of Holiday Mask Pack

Y’all, these mask sets even come with cute Santa bags, so you can give everyone in your family a bag, and keep all their masks together in one place.

Courtesy of Holiday Mask Pack

I don’t know how it goes at YOUR house, but at mine, masks get lost, misplaced, and in the hands of the wrong person ALL THE TIME. Having a bag to keep their masks nice, tidy, and together would be a AMAZING!!


These would also make fun gifts for teachers and friends. They come in a cute little box, so wrapping would be totally easy.


If you want to check out these fun Holiday Face Masks, all you have to do is go to the Amazon website.

Each pack of 5 masks will cost you $45, and will be the CUTEST thing you wear this Christmas season.


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