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Dan Levy Is The Most Lovable Bad Guy In His Surprise Super Bowl Commercial

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Two words: Dan Levy.

I don’t think there is ever anything Dan can do that wouldn’t make us love him.

Even when he is the “bad guy” in this new surprise super bowl commercial.

Dan Levy made a surprise apperance in M&M’s new commercial.

Throughout the commercial people are apologizing for things to others and offer a bag of M&M’s as an apology present.

At the end, Dan Levy makes an appearance and says, “I promise I will not eat any more of your friends.”

After acknowledging the screaming M&M locked in his car that he’s undoubtedly about to snack on, Levy says, “K, it might happen one more time.”

And you know what? We can’t hate on him for that.

I mean, M&M’s are delicious and Dan Levy is amazing so I think we will just let him pass with being the bad guy just this one time, right?

You can watch the M&M’s super bowl commercial below.


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