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This Shocking New Cult Docuseries Is Currently #1 on Hulu Right Now

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There is a shocking new docuseries on Hulu, and it’s currently #1 on the streaming platform.

This docuseries delves into the cult led by the dude known as “the Mormon Manson,” and y’all, he’s cray-cray!!


It’s a 5-part docuseries, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you totally want to binge watch the entire thing in one sitting. Like, you won’t be able to look away.

It’s insane!


This series is about Ervil LeBaron’s Mormon fundamentalist cult.

If you haven’t heard about him, Ervil LeBaron was a cult leader that ordered the mass murder of his rivals, and he used religious doctrine — blood atonement — to justify the killings.


His followers thought that by killing rival cult leaders, they would earn their way into heaven.

And, y’all, people went along with him, and believed every word he said!!


If I hadn’t lived through it, I don’t know if I could believe it. Our family was killing people because of our father.

Celia LeBaron

The LeBaron family had been excommunicated from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, because they practiced polygamy in the 1920s.

Ervil broke away from his family’s religious sect in the 1960’s, and started his own version — a straight up cult.


He would go on to have his brother — and many other people — assassinated, because he wanted total control — of everything.

BUT, he justified these killings as an atonement for sin — a way to get to heaven.

In this docuseries, you will watch as survivors from this crazy cult — who endured decades of violence and abuse — talk about, in great detail, everything they went through in the name of religion.


It will make you super happy for whatever circumstances you currently find yourself in!!

See Daughters of the Cult on Hulu now, and watch the trailer below.

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