The Miami Zoo Welcomes Sloth Bear Cubs for the First Time In 26 Years

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The Miami Zoo has just made history!

We’re only eight days into the new year, and the zoo down in Florida has already welcomed two new animals into the world.

That’s right, two adorable sloth bear cubs have just opened their eyes for the very first time.

And it’s all thanks to mama bear Kematee and Hank the father, who helped introduce not one, but two sloth bear cubs at Zoo Miami!

Courtesy of Zoo Miami and Ron Magill

For the first time in 26 years, the Zoo Miami hasn’t seen the birth of sloth bear cubs since 1998.

That’s right, 26 years, and considering sloth bears are considered a vulnerable species threatened by poaching and habitat destruction, the two births are major news!

Courtesy of Zoo Miami and Ron Magill

And according to the zoo, the baby sloth bear cubs are doing well so far.

“She is demonstrating excellent maternal care, and the hope is to introduce mom and cubs onto their outdoor habitat as soon as the staff is confident that they are able to safely navigate the area which may take several weeks,” said zoo communications director at Zoo Miami, Ron Magill.

Ron Magill
Courtesy of Zoo Miami and Ron Magill

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