Airheads Is Releasing Candy Stuffed Ropes That Come In Five Different Flavors

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Airheads is known for their chewy and bright colored candy, so to add to that resume, the fruity taffy-like candy is introducing a candy that stretches even further than the original Airheads we know and love.

Courtesy of Perfetti Van Melle

This brand new line of candy introduces a completely new design with a 3D feel.


Here’s introducing, Airheads Filled Ropes that come in five different flavors!


Each rope is filled with a white cream and you can expect to see flavors including Bluest Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry, and Orange stuffed in each Airhead.


On top of each Airheads Rope, you’ll find a coating of either a sweet or sour substance sprinkled on the top of each stuffed rope. It looks like you’ll have to try the new candy for yourself to see whether or not it’s sweet or sour!

When you bite into Airheads’ new candy, expect a burst of exploding flavor inside your mouth!


The Airheads Filled Ropes are expected to be available nationwide late this year so for right now, hold your horses if you’re itching for a taste of this new chewy candy.


You’ll be able to snag a 2-ounce pack that you can get for $1.09 or a 5-ounce bag for $2.09 if you have a hankering for more.


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