I Will Not Get Overwhelmed!

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Okay, some of you have the sad great fortune of knowing me in person. If you do, then you know I don’t really do stress. I pretty much never worry about stuff, and most of the time I’m all whatevs…

That sounds all good and well, right? No stress? What’s that like you ask. Total bliss? I bet a few of you are jealous.

Um, don’t be.

Here’s a little secret I don’t share that often. I don’t do stress because I can’t really handle it. I just shut down. I get overwhelmed, and nothing gets done. Seriously. I do like nothing.

Remember when you were a kid and Christmas just happened. Presents appeared under a perfect tree. Candy and cookies were fresh baked for Santa’s arrival, and you had the perfect outfit for each and every occasion and ate at fancy tables complete with Santa centerpieces followed by an evening at the ballet complete with mint ice cream after?


Now, you’re older and wiser. You spend like three hours holed up in your bedroom watching the crappy television while you wrap presents you got up at 3am the day after Thanksgiving to get good deals on only to find you have just enough wrapping paper to cover them all but one. You brave crowds at the grocery store and fight an old lady to get the last white chocolate bark to spend your evenings in the kitchen making Granny NuNu’s special pretzel treats, and you have to make sure no one from your family shows up to the Christmas festivities wearing a wife beater and biker shorts. You scour the internet for cheap centerpiece ideas and max out credit cards to get front row nutcracker seats only to spend the entire second half of the show searching through your iPhone to find a fun place for after ballet dessert.


It kind of blows my mind how involved all this Christmas planning is. I am ashamed to admit that growing up, I just straught up had no idea. I seriously thought it was all just happened with the help of a little reindeer dust. Sorry Mom.

But, this year–I won’t let it be like that. I am going to have a great Christmas. I have blig plans to enjoy it. I’m going to spend time with my daughter snuggled up watching Christmas shows. I’m going to shop online for my Christmas goodies and let them all arrived at my doorstep. I picked up the Wrapping paper on clearance after Xmas was over last year, and it will be fabulous.

I might even get a little writing done.

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  1. Oh LOL Jamie!
    This is me too!
    But this year I can’t plan anything in advance, I’m waiting to have a paycheck by the 22 and then we are leaving to the mountains with some family. Hope they are a bit more serious than I am & have done some shopping.

  2. Useless quote I know but it’s what I say to customers I know when they wish me a merry christmas =) Evil of me.

  3. If I had my way, every fool who went about with “Merry Christmas” on his lips would be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.” – Scrooge