Lizzo Took A Break From Her Tour To Help With Those Affected By The Australian Bushfires

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Lizzo is known for being a “Bad Bitch,” but she was far from that when she showed up at an Australian food bank to help with those affected by the Australian bushfires.

Lizzo, who is in the middle of the Australian leg of her tour, took a break from touring, and donned a volunteer vest to help out at a Melbourne food pantry.


She slapped on some gloves, picked up boxes, and packed those boxes full of food for those who have been displaced or have fallen on hard times due to the Australian bushfires.

She really is just like all of us! If she can help, we can SURELY get off our butts, and do something to help.

There are currently fires burning in every Australian state, but New South Wales, which includes the city of Sydney, has been hit the hardest.

At the present time, over 12 million acres have burned, over 20 people have lost lives, and nearly 500 million animals have perished. Staggering!

It is going to take the volunteer efforts of people coming together, to help get through this crisis. Don’t get me wrong, people donating money to the cause is great, but it’s awesome to see Lizzo actually getting in there, and physically helping where she is needed.

There are SEVERAL different ways you can help. You don’t JUST have to send money, and you don’t JUST have to volunteer at a food bank. The entire continent of Australia is in need of supplies and resources, and you might be able to help.

One thing is sure. We need more people, like Lizzo, who are willing to step up and help. We need more people like Pink and Keith Urban who are able and willing to donate. What can YOU do to help?

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