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You Can Now Watch the First Five Minutes of Season 3 of ‘Sweet Magnolias’

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It’s clear that the best friend trio in Sweet Magnolias won’t only have to worry about working at their newly opened spa, but working through their emotions and romantic relationships will take just as much work.

As a quick refresh, the finale of season two included several chaotic cliffhangers.

Courtesy of Netflix

At the end of season two we see Cal in handcuffs after getting involved in a brawl at Dana Sue’s restaurant, Ryan’s proposal to Helen, and let’s not forget about the mystery woman from the best friend’s past.

Courtesy of Netflix

Thanks to Netflix, the streaming platform has just released the first five minutes into the third season of Sweet Magnolias!

During the first five, fans of the hit series can count on seeing Cal return home after being held up at the station, and that’s all thanks to Helen.

Courtesy of Netflix

Although we’re not sure if Cal is going to have an easy time getting is life back together since he mentioned taking a step back from pretty much everything going on in his life.

We can only wonder if Cal will ask for a break in his relationship with Maddie or if he’ll also walk away from his (silent) partnership with Sullivan’s, (Dana Sue’s restaurant).

Courtesy of Netflix

Throughout the first five minutes we also notice Helen having trouble picking between two men she clearly loves.

Will Helen accept Ryan’s ring or will she move on to a new relationship with Erik?

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And finally, the mysterious woman from season two who was caught damaging one of Sullivan’s delivery trucks, seems to be a woman from Dana Sue’s ex-husband Ronnie’s past.

Talk about bad timing considering both Dana Sue and Ronnie have most recently decided to try their relationship romantically again.

Courtesy of Netflix

Of course Ronnie denies knowing about “Kathy’s” return to the small town of Serenity but is he really telling the truth? We hope so.

Clearly, we have a lot of questions Netflix.

Courtesy of Netflix

You can now watch the first five minutes into season three of the Sweet Magnolias, here.

Oh, and don’t forget that season three of the Sweet Magnolias premieres this Thursday, July 20!

Courtesy of Netflix

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