Scheels is Selling Varsity Stanley Tumblers That Are A Total Vibe

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Stanley cups are my new obsession. Having one for everyday of the week — #goals.

They are just about the BEST temperature controlled tumbler I’ve come across — and I have a TON of tumblers!

Stanley Tumblers are known for being double-wall insulated, keeping your drinks cold for 11 hours and iced for 2 days.

And, that’s not a joke. I JUST grabbed my Stanley Tumbler full of ice water — that I made from a recipe on WaterTok — from 24 hours ago, and there is STILL ice in there!

Well, check this out …

We found Limited Edition, 30-ounce Stanley Varsity Tumblers at Scheels, and I had to stop myself from buying every single design.

That black and purple Stanley Tumbler is FIRE! It’s giving me life right now.

ALL of the bold colors on these tumblers are so gorgeous. Gah!! I need to go back and get a couple more. LOL!

I spotted these tumblers in the middle of a display near the clothes, not by the typical cup area in Scheels…

Ideal for car commutes or workouts at home, it has a built-in flip straw for easy and effortless sipping. Snap it shut and the double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your drink fully leakproof and extra cold for hours.


These tumblers are made to comfortably fit in the cup holder of your car — but they’ll also fit in the cup holder that’s built right into treadmills for use while you workout.

Check out the folding handles on these Stanley Tumblers! I love them. They are perfect to grab and go in a hurry.

And, y’all! These Stanley Tumblers are only 35 bucks!!

You can get the Stanley Varsity Tumbler from Scheels here.

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