A Bakery In Japan Makes Corgi Butt Buns Stuffed with Jam and I’m Booking My Trip Now

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Y’all. I’m dying right now, and I’ve never wanted to go to Japan more! Gah. Someone needs to recreate these for me RIGHT NOW!

They are bread butts. But, they aren’t just any butts, they are Corgi bread butts. They are so puffy and cute!

Have you SEEN a Corgi butt? Oh My Gosh, they are the cutest puffy heart-shaped dumplings!


I’m not the only one who loves the fluffy butts. Just go to Instagram, and search “Corgi Butt.” You will lose too much time just scrolling through the pictures, and saying, “AWWW!”


ANYWAY — These Japan Corgi Butt Buns — I need them in my life! Utiwapayna Bakery, which is WAY TOO FAR AWAY, makes these cute butts. They are traditionally filled with jelly’s or custards, and I need both!

They don’t just make Corgi butts. They also make a LOT more food — including more cute animal pastries. Check out these Koala buns.

Now, if they make them this cute, how am I supposed to eat them? Very Carefully, you say. Ha!


There ARE some that have tried to recreate these Corgi butts. They get an “A” for effort, but they just aren’t quite the same.

Courtesy of mooseonski on Instagram

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d still eat them – Ha! — but Utiwapayna Bakery has perfected the Corgi butt.


So, if you are in Japan, make sure to put the little town of Sapporo on your list of things to do, and visit the Utiwapayna Bakery. You will have to report back on just how AMAZING these little buns — get it *heehee* — are.

Oh my gosh! Don’t forget to INSTAGRAM your delicious treat. I am going to need to see it.

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