Ben & Jerry’s Has An Ice Cream Flavor Topped With Chocolate Ganache And Mini Peanut Butter Cups To Satisfy That Sweet Tooth

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The best part about eating a pint of ice cream is that it’s small enough to keep to yourself so when someone asks for a bite, you’re not obligated to share.

Ben & Jerry’s has done a spectacular job creating rounds of ice cream flavors to satisfy everyone’s needs because while Sally enjoys rocky road with extra chocolate syrup, Sam prefers Mango coated in a caramel drizzle.

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

When it comes down to ice cream, there’s really no say as to what is right or wrong but we can all agree that toppings are always necessary with every ice cream concoction which is why Ben & Jerry’s has released pints of ice cream that include extra toppings!


Introducing Ben & Jerry’s “Topped” ice cream which come in seven different ice cream flavors covered in a velvety layer of chocolate ganache with chunks of other sweet treats for the finale!


Between Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough, Strawberry Topped Tart, PB Over the Top, Whiskey Bizz, Tiramisu, Thick Mint, and Salated Caramel Brownie, it’ll be hard to choose just one favorite which is why a mini fridge in the bedroom under lock and key is essential for all seven of these flavors.


Luckily, every drool worthy pint of ice cream is now available nationwide between $4.99 to 5.49 each.


We know you’re searching to find your keys right about now but between you and I, let’s keep this one on the down low so there’s no chance at all seven being sold out all at once.


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