Funko Pop Toys Might Reveal The Mystery Character From Episode 5 of The Mandalorian

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Seriously, Funko. Just take all my money now. Here it is. Funko has a Star Wars The Mandalorian collection, and I NEED it!

More importantly, could one of the characters be a nod to Episode 5’s mystery character?

We briefly saw a character at the end of Episode 5, but could it really be?

Funko brings us a GREEN Mandalorian, with a green cape. And, if you look at it closely — could it be a female? Just maybe!

Clearly missing from the lineup is Baby Yoda — or The Child — whichever you prefer to call that cute little 50-year-old baby.

I may forgive this missing figure — just maybe — if we are getting a clue into Episode 5 with this GREEN Mandalorian.

Aren’t they ALL just fabulous! Gah! There are some that are EXCLUSIVE to certain stores, so you will want to get there QUICKLY before they are gone.

Just look at Mando on Blurgg. I. Need. It! That chubby little monstrous horse figure is definitely one of my FAVORITES! Just a side note, you KNOW it is a female, because the males get eaten in the mating process. Ha!


Go to Disney+ right now — I KNOW you have it — and rewatch Episode 5 of The Mandalorian. Can you tell if this mystery character is in the episode? I think it just might be!

People are speculating it is Boba Fett.

Also — COME ON FUNKO! I need a Baby Yoda character, maybe complete with its little ball playtoy.

Christian Alzmann/Disney via TheMandalorian/Twitter

And also, go pick up all the Funko characters now! You can find a lot of them right on Amazon. You’re welcome.


Edit: You *might* now be able to get a Baby Yoda Funko character right from Amazon! Check it out!

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