Taco Bell Just Announced The Official Date When The Mexican Pizza Returns and I’m So Excited

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Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is proof that when people band together (including a few outcries on social media), any food item can return even when it’s promised to be taken away for good.

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Considering the new year is finally here, 2022 is welcoming back the mexican pizza with open arms and our mouths are wide open!

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So far we know that the mexican pizza will graciously return to menus this year in 2022 from the outpour of hearts that were not so silently broken, but what we didn’t know was the exact date of the comeback, except now we do.

The scrumptious layered pizza, stuffed with refried beans and beef, topped with melted cheese, pizza sauce, and chopped tomatoes will finally be in the hands of Taco Bell enthusiasts once again, just make sure to lick the cheese of your fingers.

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Thanks to food blogger @markie_devo, the date of the pizza is no longer a mystery!

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When Is Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Returning?

The fan-favorite meal can be expected to return this spring, specifically in May of 2022.

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So while we wait for April showers and May’s flowers, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza will soon be stocked once again when we all notice the tulips sprouting and the birds chirping.

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Expect drive thru-lines a mile long for the crispy pizza and remember, the early bird always gets the worm!

Courtesy of @tacobell

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  1. The Mexican pizza was always my favorite at Taco Bell. Wonderful news that it is back this May of (22)!!! Yeah!!

  2. Why not bring back the Mexican pizza to its original recipe? Add the scallions and black olives!!!

    1. @Denise Masterson, they don’t do scallions anymore because of the E. Coli outbreak they had like 10 years ago from bad scallions.