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Watertok Is The Hot New Trend And I’m Obsessed

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Move over Foodtok, Watertok is the new hot thing, and we are obsessed.

It’s no secret, water is just about the most healthy thing for you.

Doctors will tell you that you need at least 64 ounces of the wet stuff for healthy living.

But, let’s be honest. Plain water is boring.

It gets old really fast.

Enter Watertok.

I could lose a couple hours to Watertok, no problem.

What Is Watertok?

Watertok is the place you go to get hundreds of recipes for “Fancy Water.”

I don’t mean “Fancy Water” as in water that is hard to create, or water that you can only drink from a teacup with your pinky held high.

When I say “Fancy Water,” I mean water that is much more than the plain-Jane wet stuff that you drink out of the faucet — or Brita Water Filter, in my case — on the daily.


What Is An Example Of Watertok?

Want an example of the tasty goodness that awaits you on Watertok?

No prob.

Just heads up — there are HUNDREDS — THOUSANDS even — water recipes on Watertok.

These are just a few of my favorites.

Peach Ring Water by caliwonderland.

Mix it all into ice cold water. It’s perfection.

Strawberry Shortcake Water by jess_on_mainstreet

Mix it all into ice cold water. You’re gonna love it!

Pina Colada Water by takingmylifebackat42

Mix it all together with ice cold water. Yummmm!

Tigers Blood Snowcone Water by thewatergal_

Mix it all together in ice cold water. OMG, you just have to try it!

Head on over to Watertok, and let us know your favorite water concoction.

They are all so yummy! You’re gonna love each and every one of them!

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