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Kevin Bacon Wants To Do A ‘Tremors’ Sequel And We Are Totally Here For It

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The year was 1990, and we were transported to the dreary town of Perfection, Nevada where all hell was about to break loose.

Kevin Bacon burst onto the scene as Repairmen Val McKee, and became the hero killer of huge worm-like creatures that were hungry — hungry for human flesh.

If you haven’t seen the OG Tremors, stop what you are doing right now, log onto Amazon Prime Video, and watch the dang movie.

You won’t regret it. It’s so fun!

You wanna hear something that makes me do a little happy dance?

Kevin Bacon has said he’s “waiting on the call” to return to that sleepy town in the middle of the desert.

It was one film of mine that I wanted to revisit that character.

Kevin Bacon to Esquire

It wouldn’t be the first attempt at a Tremors sequel. There were a series of straight-to-video films that didn’t include Bacon — perhaps the reason they sucked.

BUT, with Kevin Bacon back at the helm, they may totally have a Tremors winner on their hands.

The OG Tremors is coming up on its 35th anniversary. It might be just the perfect time to revisit the franchise!

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