This Woman Found Dozens of Live Fish in the Garbage After Dumpster Diving at PetSmart

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One TikToker has called out on a popular pet store.

While dumpster diving for the very first time at PetSmart, TikToker @ugckatehahn32 found a concerning box in the garbage.

After opening the box, @ugckatehahn32 realized she had just stumbled upon dozens of live betta fish that were packaged in a box and sitting in a dumpster.

The dumpster was located behind a PetSmart store in Idaho.

Courtesy of PetSmart

Since posting the video to TikTok, the video has totaled over 2 million likes,14 million views, and over 50 thousand commenters who were just as appalled as Kate.

“They’ve lost like half their water, more than half,” Kate recored in her video. “They’re all alive. PetSmart literally threw them away.”

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

Trying to find a solution, Kate immediately posted the fish on her Snapchat story to try and find homes for them but had no luck.

She then went ahead and told PetSmart employees that she saw walking out of the store that she had found fish in the dumpster.

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

According to Kate in a follow-up video, the employees were horrified to hear the news and said that it must have been an accident.

The employees also indicated to her that the blue water the fish were swimming in means that the betta fish had just been shipped to the store.

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

PetSmart workers took the fish back inside the store and saved all but one according to Kate.

According to PetSmart who gave a statement to Insider most recently, the company stated that “nothing is more important than the health and safety of pets in our care.”

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

“This was an isolated incident, made in error, which we sincerely regret,” PetSmart said a statement to Insider. “We are using this situation to review store policies and procedures with our team to reinforce our industry-leading pet care standards.”

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

However, a few other social media users who commented on Kate’s video have said that this isn’t the first time PetSmart has left animals inside their dumpsters.

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

@lolcrybaby who was one of the users who commented on Kate’s TikTok said that she once found a box full of hermit crabs behind another PetSmart store years ago.

And according to a news article from the The Independent 2021, some TikTok users have also found live hamsters and even a bird in the dumpsters behind PetSmart stores in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Courtesy of @ugckatehahn32

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