The ‘Lasagna Method’ Is The New Parent Trick You Have To Try

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Parents with babies or even kids that are currently being potty trained, be ready to have your mind BLOWN! The ‘Lasagna Method’ Is The New Parent Trick You Have To Try!

When you have a baby, sleep seems to be a thing of the past. That is why you cling onto and cherish every single minute you can spend sleeping.

The same goes for when you are potty training your child. You set your alarms to get up and remind your kids to go potty to avoid wetting the bed.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how many times over the years I’ve spent cleaning up accidents in the middle of the night so when I heard about the ‘Lasagna Method’ for bedding, it has changed the way I think about middle of the night clean ups FOREVER.

Okay, here is how it works:

Traditionally you put on a single crib sheet or bed sheet for your baby/child. That means you are having to stumble into your laundry room or hall closet to get a replacement if they wet the bed (or worse).

With the ‘Lasagna Method’ you actually layer your child’s mattress with a mattress cover then crib sheet, then another mattress cover, then another sheet like a lasagna!

When they have an accident in the middle of the night, all you have to do is remove the wet sheet and mattress cover and BAM you have fresh new sheets for your baby.

You can also leave an extra change of clothes, diapers, etc. near by too but this lasagna method truly makes my life easier especially while I am half asleep!

Seems like other moms have already figured this trick out and I feel like I’ve been missing out my entire life as a mom. I am doing this for our daughter’s crib now!!

So, now that you know, is this something you are going to try?

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