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Starbucks Released New Valentine’s Day Cups and I’m In Love

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Now that Christmas is over, it’s time to start thinking ahead. I pretty much skip January but look forward to Valentine’s Day!

With that being said, Starbucks has a new line of Valentine’s Day merchandise and get this – people are already finding it in-stores!!

The first thing people are finding are the new Valentine’s Day reusable hot cups that come in a 5 pack. You can see the designs above.


People are also finding the Valentine’s Day cold tumblers which are covered in glitter and hearts.

As you can see below, there also seems to be 2 new coffee mugs. One red one with a white heart on the front and one light pink covered in lips. So cute!

All of these cups will be able to be found at your local Starbucks. The official release date is January 5, 2021 but people are already finding them early.


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  1. When will next color studded cup gonna be release dates? Please let me know thank you! After January 2021