Robert De Niro Officially Reveals the Name of His Newborn Daughter He Fathered at 79

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As we all know, Robert De Niro has officially welcomed his seventh child at 79 years old! 

And the famous actor and his girlfriend, are officially over the moon with joy. 

Robert De Niro and his girlfriend Tiffany Che, (the mama of baby #7 for De Niro) have also officially reveled their daughter’s name! 

Courtesy of @CBSMornings

In a phone call with CBS Mornings’ Gayle King according to Daily Mail, De Niro also disclosed that his daughter was born last month on April 6, making her an Aries!

Gia weighed 8 pounds and 6 ounces when she born. 

Alongside the name release, CBS Mornings’ also shared an adorable photo of his baby girl that De Niro had released to the station.

Now when it comes to the backstory of Gia’s parents, it is believed that the two met on set in 2015 and the rest is well, history.

And of course when it comes to his support system such as his co-stars, everyone is just as excited as he is to be a new father again!

“How could one not plan such a significant event, De Niro said to Daily Mail.”

Robert De Niro

As for the baby girl’s name…

Welcome to the world Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro.  

Congratulations to the family of three!

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