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Ariana Grande Announces Her First Single In Three Years

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Ariana Grande is back making music!

That’s right, Ariana has officially returned to the studio to release a new single that we all can’t wait to hear in our headphones or blast through the car radio.

For the first time in three years, Ariana has finally decided that it was time to record new music once again, and we think its safe to assume that a new album, is also on the way!

Considering Ariana most recently updated her fans while posting a photo dump on Instagram that teased the seventh album, we’re crossing our fingers and toes that the new album, will be released soon.

But until then, the singer has focused on promoting her new single which she did so on Instagram, and we already love the title!

While debuting a photo of a blurred selfie while wearing red lipstick which we assume, is the cover for the unreleased song, her caption also confirmed the new title as well.

Courtesy of @arianagrande

What’s been dubbed as “Yes, And?”, Ariana’s new single is expected to release this Friday on January 12, and we simply can’t wait to hear it!

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