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Chrissy Tiegen’s Pregnancy Loss Proves Everyone Grieves In Different Ways And That’s Okay

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Earlier today I let you all know that Chrissy Tiegen and John legend had lost their baby. 

Chrissy Tiegen

Now, you would have thought that it could have ended there with a simple “I’m sorry” or “sending condolences” but here I am feeling like I have to defend a woman I don’t even know personally…


My heart is saddened over the fact I have to remind grown ass women to be empathetic to someone who just lost their baby.

I’ve seen comments like, “it’s just a photo opp” or “why share these photos with us”? 


Well, here’s the bottom line – everyone grieves differently and that is okay. 

Who cares if she decided the best way to grieve was with capturing those heart wrenching moments in photos to share with people who love and adore her and John? 


Don’t like them – look away.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this but they’ve been transparent about their entire pregnancy so why not share their loss with the world? 


Again they CHOSE to share that very intimate part of their lives. Maybe, they just want to know they are supported and have others going through the same. 

As someone who has gone through a very similar situation in my life (a miscarriage after severe bleeding), I know the pain all too well.

For me, I grieved every day for years. I didn’t want to see anyone for weeks. Yet, I had another little one to raise at home so I had to pick myself up and do the best I could.

My grieving was very different but that is what I felt was right for ME.

I applaud them for being so open and honest. It’s a reminder that these sort of things can happen to anyone despite money, status, etc. 

Perhaps them coming forward with this helped another woman out there feel less alone. 

So, for those of you bashing her for the way she chooses to grieve her baby, shame on you.

I truly hope you never have to go through the loss of a child. It’s something I’d never wish on my worst enemy.

And in a world like today, the least we can do is offer love, support and sympathy. So, let’s just stick with that, shall we?

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